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Dates of meetings

Type of meetingDateVenue
1st project steering committee26-27 October 2004Rouen
Maritime safety & intermodality WG14 December 2004Brussels
Fishing resources WG20 January 2005Caen
University network26 January 2005Caen
HE - R&D - Transfer of Technology WG27 January 2005Ventnor - Isle of Wight
ICZM WG3 February 2005Lille
Tourism WG4 February 2005Chichester
2nd project steering committee18 March 2005Brussels
Maritime safety & intermodality WG5 April 2005Maidstone - Kent
Fishing resources WG7 April 2005Boulogne/Mer
HE - R&D - Transfer of Technology WG28 April 2005Caen
ICZM WG19 May 2005Ventnor - Isle of Wigth
Tourism WG26 May 2005Rouen
Co-ordinators meeting27 May 2005Rouen
Arc Manche & key policy-makers meeting5 July 2005Lille
3rd Project Steering Committee6 July 2005Lille
Co-ordinators meeting13 September 2005Lille
HE-R&D-Transfer of technology WG22 September 2005Guildford
Maritime safety & intermodality WG23 September 2005Calais
ICZM WG3-4 October 2005Rennes
Tourism WG6 October 2005Cowes - Isle of Wight
Fishing resources WG19 October 2005Portsmouth
Co-ordinators meeting28 November 2005Rouen
EMDI Extension meeting30 - 31 January 2006Plymouth
Strategic Vision workshop - R&D2 February 2006Rouen
Strategic Vision workshop - Tourism3 February 2006Lille
Strategic Vision workshop - Fisheries & ICZM8 February 2006Chichester
Strategic Vision seminar (experts)9 February 2006Caen
Meeting with French ports23 February 2006Rouen
Strategic Vision workshop - MS & Intermodality28 February 2006Guildford
Meeting with British ports1st March 2006Guildford
4th Project Steering Committee9 - 10 March 2006Caen
Arc Manche elected members meeting21 March 2006Amiens
Fishing resources WG1 June 2006Caen
Federation of Channel Ports21 June 2006Portsmouth
5th Project Steering Committee29 - 30 June 2006Rouen
Arc Manche Executive Committee15 September 2006Maidstone (for information)
Meeting with Tourism businesses21 September 2006Evreux
Port's Network Steering Committee3 October 2006Caen
Tourism WG3 October 2006Caen
Maritime safety & intermodality WG10-11 October 2006St-Brieuc
Arc Manche Conference17 October 2006Chichester
HE-R&D-Transfer of technology WG19-20 October 2006Brest
Maritime safety meeting31 October 2006Paris
Fishing resources WG14 November 2006Quimper
Port's Network Steering Committee22 November 2006Paris
ICZM WG10 January 2007Caen
Maritime safety & intermodality meeting10-11 January 2007St-Brieuc
6th Project Steering Committee11 - 12 January 2007St-Brieuc
Launch of ports network + seminar1 - 2 February 2007St-Brieuc
Fishing resources WG27 February 2007Caen
HE-R&D-Transfer of technology WG28 February 2007Isle of Wight
ICZM meeting1st MarchSouthampton
Maritime safety & intermodality WG13 - 14 March 2007Truro
Arc Manche Conference29 March 2007Rouen
Seminar on fishermen safety at sea3 - 4 April 2007Le Havre
Maritime safety & intermodality WG18 April 2007Paris
Port Network sterring committee10 May 2007Caen
Maritime safety WG22 May 2007Paris
Tourism WG14 June 2007Amiens
7th Project Steering Committee21 June 2007Southampton
Maritime safety Seminar20 - 21 September 2007St-Brieuc
ICZM seminar9 October 2007Lille
Fishing resources WG17 October 2007Plymouth
Workshops for regional and local ports18 October 2007Caen
Tourism seminar25 October 2007Portsmouth
Alternative energy business fair7 November 2007Portsmouth
Final conference13 - 14 November 2007Rouen